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August 14, 2018

UPDATE JULY 26, 2018: The 6 meter repeater will be offline starting today for some time and not sure when it will be back. This is due to the

painting and relocation of the 6 meter antenna tower from the container roof to the side of the container.

We have another tower section to be added that will put the antenna about the same height it was on the roof

but we need to add brackets and a base before the tower goes back up.

Thank you for your patience.

Need something that can launch an antenna up through the trees?

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Interested in jumping in to a Radio Contest? As seen on ARRL Website

August 2018
4-5  222 MHz and Up Distance Contest
18-19   10 GHz & Up – Round 1
19        Rookie Roundup – RTTY

September 2018
8-10      September VHF    
15-16    10 GHz & Up - Round 2
29-30    EME - 2.3 GHz & Up

October 2018
15-19School Club Roundup
27-28   EME - 50 to 1296 MHz

November 2018
3-5      Nov. Sweepstakes – CW
17-19   Nov. Sweepstakes – Phone
24-25   EME - 50 to 1296 MHz        
11/30-12/2  160 Meter

December 2018
11/30-12/2  160 Meter
8-9               10 Meter 
16     Rookie Roundup–CW


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